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Thank you very much for showing your interest to our project!
We are extremely happy to welcome you on our new web site! You will find here more info on us, material from studio or live, from past or on-going projects. Mostly we will keep you up to date for you to join us in our next events and escape through our music.

We hope in particular to see you in our special shows on 8 Nov in Toulouse to support Enorev and 14 Dec in Hamburg supporting Ärzte ohne Grenzen (doctors without frontiers).

We are currently living an exciting year, which will remain as a landmark for the band story, opening a new chapter with the amazing  Barbara Duchow from Lunattack. We were blessed by the moon when we met her!
We are now working hard for the band to be ready and deliver nice shows in the coming weeks.

See you soon and kisses!


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(Let Me Shine / Bird People / Jack)

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8 Novembre

L'Usine à Musique


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14 Decembre

Halle 424


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Pont Neuf (Lunattack)

  Recorded at l'Usine à Musique, Toulouse on 8 November

Pont Neuf (Lunattack)

Recorded in Ramonville on 28 September

We are an electro-pop-rock band based in Toulouse...

...We mostly play our own songs, written in English, and which became more mature with the line-up evolutions. They talk about trips, inner and outer, experience of life and its twists and turns from darkness to light.
The band also plays a few songs of its most influential artists (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd)...

Moments of our set at l'Usine à Musique, on the 8 November


Yull (extract)  - Saiguède, 21 June

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